Community Development in Bangladesh


The Chandpur Total Community Development Centres (TCDC) project commenced in 2008 based from the town of Chandpur in Bangladesh. It was a broad programme for village development, built around village savings groups for the poorest families of the village, and included preschool facilities and a tutorial programme for their children. New Zealand Aid Programme funding for the project finished in 2015, and so the programme has been downsized to focus primarily on continued support for children’s education.

· Preschool groups in project villages – 240 children in 12 preschool groups designed to give them a good educational start when they go to school
· Tutorial classes – 240 students from poor families in 12 tutorial groups will be receiving support and tutorial help to enable them to achieve well in the government education system
· Transitional support for the 48 savings groups established in the original phase of the project will receive help to enable them to manage their groups independently

The Project is owned and operated by Baptist Aid BBCF. Baptist Aid is the development department of the national Baptist church organisation, the Bangladesh Baptist Christian Fellowship. Baptist Aid have a variety of projects in other parts of Bangladesh as well. Each village centre is staffed by a husband and wife team recruited, trained and supported by Baptist Aid. (additional text to match length OF About Bangladesh)

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with over 170 million people in an area half the size if New Zealand. Poverty is made worse by political instability, and high levels of corruption. The last decade has seen significant progress, but it is still estimated that over 60 million people are below the US$1 per day absolute poverty line.

The project initially received funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme. With the completion of that funding, the project now depends on donation support.

Each village centre is staffed by a husband and wife team. Your donation supports their salary, in service training, and the resources for the preschool and tutorial groups that they run.


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