A world without poverty and oppression, in which all people and communities experience sustainable livelihoods and well-being, empowered to care for each other and the earth, encouraging peaceful and just relationships.


Banzaid works to restore life and transform communities, by partnering with the poor and marginalised to alleviate poverty, facilitate sustainable development, capacity build local development initiatives and advocate for peace and justice.


Banzaid works to restore life of the world's poor by supporting and funding aid and development partners in developing countries, while creating awareness in New Zealand people about aid and development issues, motivating them to share their lives and resources.

We're reconfiguring.

Banzaid, as well as our website, are in a period of reconfiguration.
Everything you might want to find out about who we are and the work we've done is right here!
However, if you would like to know more then please get in touch at info@banzaid.org.nz.

Some of our projects...

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