A world without poverty and oppression, in which all people and communities experience sustainable livelihoods and well-being, empowered to care for each other and the earth, encouraging peaceful and just relationships.


Banzaid works to restore life and transform communities, by partnering with the poor and marginalised to alleviate poverty, facilitate sustainable development, capacity build local development initiatives and advocate for peace and justice.


Banzaid works to restore life of the world's poor by supporting and funding aid and development partners in developing countries, while creating awareness in New Zealand people about aid and development issues, motivating them to share their lives and resources.


Poverty Alleviation

Seeking sustainable individual and community change, enlarging people’s choices and maximising opportunities for the poor to realise their potential.

Caring For All People

Irrespective of ethnicity, gender or religion, but with a preferential bias towards the poor and powerless, especially women and children.

Addressing Structural Causes Of Poverty

Encouraging and equipping the poor to analyse causes of their poverty and to seek solutions; while working to reduce injustice, inequality and exploitation through advocacy, good development practice and support of national and international campaigns.


Assisting local project participants to gain more control over situations affecting their lives, and ensuring involvement in all stages of project planning, implementation and evaluation.


Involving mutually beneficial relationships encouraging shared decision-making between support partners, implementation partners and local project participants, resulting in learning for all stakeholders.

Capacity Building

With local implementation partners and their communities through a range of partnering activities including: envisioning, empowering, encouraging, mentoring, training, resourcing and technical support. This also involves equipping leaders - to lead, motivate and empower their communities, encouraging accountable, transparent and servant style leadership.


We are a member organisation of the Council for International Development (CID). CID has 50 members including all of New Zealand's major Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in aid and development. CID exists to support and promote effective high quality aid and development programme.

Banzaid is accredited with the New Zealand Aid Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Aid Programme offers funding opportunities to approved projects through the New Zealand Partnerships for International Development Fund. This Fund harnesses the expertise and innovation of New Zealand charitable, other not-for-profit, private sector and state sector organisations in the delivery of aid activities in developing countries.

Micah Network is a global community of Christians (aid / NGO organisations, mission organisations, academic / training institutes, local congregations, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats and individuals) drawn together because of their passion and commitment for integral mission.

APBAid is the official wing of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (ABPF) involved in the relief and development efforts. It works to facilitate and coordinate the relief and development efforts of Baptist bodies and Churches in 21 countries of Asia Pacific region. APBF has 57 Baptist bodies 25,000 local churches and 57 Conventions in 21 countries across the region.


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