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pdf Community Development Year 2 Report (2010) Popular


year2 50This 2010 report covers Year Two of the Chandpur TCDC project. This is a summary of the report submitted to the New Zealand Aid Programme. The report includes information about issues in Bangladesh, and information about participation in the project. 19 pages

pdf Chandpur TCDC Evaluation Report 2014 Popular


coomunity 50The Chandpur Total Community Development Centres (TCDC) project commenced in 2008, and was initially funded through the NZAID KOHA-PICD scheme. Funding for a second stage was renewed under the Aid Programme of the New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Sustainable Development Fund (SDF). The second stage was over the period April 2011 to March 2014. This evaluation report covers the whole period from 2008, but with particular focus on progress made in the second stage.

pdf Samoan Tsunami School Rebuilding Final Report Popular


final 50This project was to rebuild the Satitoa Village Primary School, which was completely destroyed by the September 2009 Pacific tsunami. The school was relocated to a safer site and upgraded with improved facilities. The new school comprised 8 classrooms, library, staffroom, principal’s office, computer room and toilet block. The school was opened on the anniversary of the tsunami, with final landscaping completed by December 2010.

pdf Community Development Year 1 Report (2009) Popular


9months 50This report covers the first year of the Chandpur Total Community Development Centres (TCDC) project. The project was working in 12 villages based out of the District town of Chandpur in Bangladesh. This period covered the setting up of the project, with the establishment of community savings groups in the villages supported by a training programme of seminars on community issues and income generation ideas. Alongside this pre-school and tutorial groups were established for the children of participants in the adult programme.

pdf Community Development Survey Report Popular


survey 50This is the report of the Baseline Survey that was carried out in villages around the Chandpur district of Bangladesh as part of the design process for setting up the Chandpur Total Community Development Centres (TCDC) project. The survey was based on Focus Group Discussion in the 12 target villages to assess the current community development context, and provided the baseline for the end of project evaluation.

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