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Thank you for your donation towards one of the Banzaid projects. We appreciate your support of the people and projects that we are involved in.

We have emailed you the full details and information of your donation. It should arrive in your Inbox within the next few minutes.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Paul Thompson
BANZAid Manager

PO Box 17192
Karori Wellington 6147
New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 476 9697 ext 8
Fax:+64 4 476 9690

Banzaid is the Aid & Development arm of the New Zealand Missionary Soceity.
Banzaid is registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission as a charitable entity under its name of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Soceity. (CC22737)
All transactions and payments made through this website are made in New Zealand Dollars. (NZ$)
10% of your donation will go towards the running and administration costs of Banzaid office in New Zealand.
Your donation will appear as BANZAID on your cardholders bank statement.