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John Kaewa, General Director, Baptist Union PNG.
Assisting small farm coffee farmers.
Seeds of opportunity.
Engaging in robust partnerships.
Enhancing families and communities.
Coffee for communities.
Bringing an energy to the coffee trade.
Sprouting limitless potential.
Promoting peace and development.
Promoting effective farming techniques.
Diversifying cash crops.
Harvesting better returns.
Planting sustainability.
Caring for those needing assistance.
Making the most of PNG’s geography.
Engineering Change.
Restoring communities.
Establishing fair practice.
Sustainable farming practices.
Better prices for local farmers.
Ambassadors for the coffee industry in PNG.
Exploring viable crop options.
Transforming communities.
Supporting communities.
Advocating for peaceful solutions.
Improving livelihoods.
Developing trusting relationships.
Creating a sustainable economy.
Exploring the unexplored.
From farm to market.