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The Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG) was established as a national organisation to unify the work of the Baptist Churches within each PNG Province; and to address the health, education, welfare, communication/relationship and pastoral needs of Baptist adherents throughout the Provinces. BUPNG has been operating for 35 years and is fully managed by their own people.

BUPNG and Development Projects

The BUPNG slogan is "Believing God and Serving Holistically". In line with this they have a well established development programme in health and education funded from AUSAID through the Australian Baptists. They are locally and internationally well respected as a community development and welfare provider, with operations spanning the length of PNG. The organisation is registered as a faith-based organisation with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) in PNG. The organisation has an operational structure that manages its affairs from an established Constitution that is endorsed and accepted by all its affiliates.

The Board is responsible for management of the Tinsley Rural Hospital, Kompiam Rural Hospital (recently rated the second best medical centre in PNG) and Telefomin rural hospital. BUPNG also operate about 40 schools (high schools, primary schools, international schools, elementary schools) in Enga, Western Highlands and Telefomin in Sandaun Province.

The BUPNG currently receives annual funding of AU$800,000 from AusAID, the aid and development arm of the Australian Government through Baptist World Aid Australia and the Church Partnership Program (CPP). The Church Partnership Programme is part of a commitment by AusAID to build the capacity of national Church bodies to lead in the development of PNG. Through this initiative BUPNG has developed a five year strategic plan.

The 5 year plan will strengthen BUPNG as an institution, and provide a pathway within which BUPNG sectoral departments and Regional Unions can develop their own operations. Pillar Three of the Strategic Plan encompasses the need for BUPNG to ensure the financial sustainability in its operations and also working for an improved standard of living from small scale entrepreneurships for members of rural Baptist Churches.

BUPNG and its development partners continue their community programs in the areas of

1. Church Leadership Strengthening
2.Strengthening Community Leaders
3.School Administration
4.Health Initiatives
5. HIVAIDS Interventions
6. Safe water

BUPNG Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan initiative for the BUPNG aims to ensure a sustainable growth for the organisation for the future when current development partners may shift their focus to other countries or needs. Pillar three of the Strategic Plan (BUPNG as an Enabler) entails BUPNG's drive for economic sustainability to support its Ministry. This plan builds a vision of consolidated entrepreneurship within BUPNG and its affiliates in Papua New Guinea. It is an integrated approach which supports a community based business concept for Baptist adherents.

The Highlands Baptist Union (HBU), Enga Baptist Union (EBU) and the Min Baptist Union (MBU) gives BUPNG and its development partners the base from which business initiatives can be driven.

The first proposal for BUPNG's business initiative is cash crop development with emphasis on coffee as the predominant crop in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The concept plan analyses the questions of why coffee is the crop to concentrate on and how it could be developed to help rural farmers.

The economic sector of BUPNG remains a potential sector for growth however; it does not have the financial capacity to fully utilize the resources it has within its bounds. The goal of this concept plan seeks financial and skill resources to develop community-based assets for business interventions so as to promote economic independence help alleviate poverty and improve standard of living.

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