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Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm to hit the Philippines region this year, has left a trail of damage across the nation. On Saturday 15 September, 1.40am local time, over a quarter of a million people were caught in the path of Typhoon Mangkhut. The death toll has risen to 64, and while emergency services continue efforts, it is expected to rise. Dozens of people are still feared to be trapped after landslides hit in the province of northern Luzon.

The further north emergency services travel, the more extensive is the damage. Homes have been damaged, communications and electricity supplies are down, and the amount of infrastructure that has been affected (uprooted trees and toppled electric posts blocking roads) makes clearing operations difficult. Food shortages are also expected with corn and rice fields drowned in flood water. Some residents have reported losing over 70% of their rice crop to Mangkhut. Typhoon Mangkhut has had and will continue to have a severe effect on Philippine people and their country.

Any donations made through Banzaid for Typhoon Mangkhut relief will be forwarded through appropriate linkages with Baptist organisations. Donations will be used to support Baptist networks and partners who are currently on the ground assessing urgent needs and planning long-term responses.


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