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The tail end of Cyclone Gita hit New Zealand on Tuesday night, 20 February. There was significant flooding and damage around parts of the country. Now we know something of what it was like for people in Samoa, Tonga and some of the southern Fiji islands.

Samoa met Gita at the beginning, when it was still building up force. They didn’t get it as bad a Tonga, but it was bad enough. Power lines down, trees uprooted, roofs torn off houses. Important vegetable gardens and fruit trees wiped out.

Pastors Faapale and Sene Seupule from the Wainuiomata Baptist Church have moved to Samoa and have been working with the Nuufou Baptist Church and two other smaller churches outside Apia. They have posted pictures of the storm as it came by their house. Pale says “Samoan people are a resilient lot, most by now have got stuck into the clean-up tasks with a machete just like me on my property. One of our Elders used his chain saw to clear nearby roads that were blocked by falling trees.”

However some of the families have more serious problems as roofs have been damaged on their houses. The Seupules are working with the Churches to identify families that particularly need help. The proposal is to provide needy families with roofing iron and materials. Church members will work with them to carry out the repair work..

Banzaid is supporting the Nuufou Baptist Church and Faapale and Sene to help these families. We need around NZ$400 for replacement roofing, and the materials for house repairs for each family that we help. Can you, your family, your home group, your church support these families in Samoa?

Click Here to donate. (select “Disaster Relief” as the campaign you are supporting.)

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