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Cyclone Gita went through Samoa over last weekend before hitting Tonga on Monday night. It is now moving towards the southern parts of Fiji.

The storm had not reached full strength as it went through Samoa, but still caused extensive damage, with reports of trees down, flooding and landslips. New Zealand Samoan pastors Pale and Sene Seupule working with the Nu’u Baptist church on the outskirts of Apia are in one of the most affected areas. They are working with the local community in cleanup and repair work. Donations to help with this work can be made here (please include reference “Samoa”).

As it left Samoa, Cyclone Gita gathered strength and hit Tonga even harder. Banzaid does not have any direct contacts in Tonga, however we will liaise with other Christian organisations that are involved in post cyclone aid, and will channel any donations through them. Donate here, with reference “Tonga” in the comments section.

Our prayers are with Fiji, as the cyclone heads that way. We will update with any news as it comes to hand.

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The tail end of Cyclone Gita hit New Zealand on Tuesday night, 20 February. There was significant flooding and damage around parts of the country. Now we know something of what it was like for people in Samoa, Tonga and some of the southern Fiji islands. Samoa met Gita at the beginning, when it...