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Annual Report 2015-2016


“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture
of charity. It is the protection of a
fundamental right, the right to dignity
and a decent life.”
-Nelson Mandela
When you want a job done, and want to be sure that it is done well, what do you look for? Whether it is doctor, dentist, lawyer, builder, plumber or electrician, there are probably two things that influence your choice. The first is reputation – do you know someone who recommends their work? The second is whether they are a member of a professional body. Membership of a professional organisation gives a guarantee that they have signed up to certain standards, and that there is someone to complain to if things go wrong.

Banzaid has a good reputation – our supporters are proof of that! We have some great projects, and we have had great support for them. You can read about these projects in this report.

This year Banzaid has achieved certification under the Code of Conduct of the New Zealand Council for International Development (CID). We believe that this is a big step in our ability to assure our supporters that we set a high standard in what we do.

The Code sets out standards in three areas of accountability:


Haiti - Hurricane Matthew

Haiti faced the brunt of the massive category four hurricane, resulting in the loss of more than 1,000 lives and some US$1 billion in damage.

Thousands of Haitians are in shelters as hundreds of homes were destroyed in the Caribbean nation. It is expected the estimates in loss of life will rise as more reports come in.

Among the affected cities and towns were Cote de fer, Les Anglais, Tiburon, Roche à Bateaux, Dame Marie, Fond des Negres, Les Irois, Anse d'Aineaux, Cayes and Jeremie in Haiti's southwest region.

There are concerns that the cholera disease, which had affected the country before the hurricane, will become more widespread and severe.


Floods in Sri Lanka

In May of this year Cyclone Roanu hit Sri Lanka and travelled up the east coast of India to hit southern Bangladesh. There were other things happening that took the headlines, and so this didn't get much attention.

Worst hit was Sri Lanka, where there was severe flooding from the storm. The Guardian reported on 21 May:

Landslides and heavy flooding have killed at least 73 people in Sri Lanka, with scores more missing and hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes.

Torrential rains have deluged the island nation since last weekend, triggering huge landslides that have buried victims in up to 15 metres (50 feet) of mud.

In the capital, Colombo, thousands of homes remained inundated, though there were signs that the waters were receding, according to AP. About 243,000 people remained in temporary shelters nationwide.