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Giving to Banzaid in 2012

Banzaid needs your help. If you visit our website and click on the Projects tab you will see reports of the projects that we are working on. Banzaid is accredited to the New Zealand Aid Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). This means that we are able to get funding from the government's overseas development assistance (ODA) budget for approved projects. To get this funding we have to show several things. One is value added. That is, we are not just passing the funds on to another agency, but we are actively involved in the project in ways that bring in NZ skills and resources. Another is that we have to raise a portion of the funds from our own supporters. 

Adult LiteracyWe currently have two projects with Aid Programme funding. The biggest is the Chandpur Total Community Centres project in Bangladesh. Based in Chandpur town this project works in 12 surrounding villages with a programme of children's education, adult literacy, primary health care and income generating activities. The value added comes from the work of Julian Doorey, Banzaid's development facilitator who is based in Bangladesh and works with our partners Baptist Aid to build their skills and capacity and to advise and help them. Julian is supported as an overseas worker of tranzsend. In addition to Julian's work Banzaid is committed to an annual cash contribution to the project of NZ$33,000. We need your help. Click here to donate to the TCDC project.

The second Bangladesh project is the Affordable Solar Lighting project. This project is being done in partnership with MPIL company Dimensions Limited. Dimensions is an engineering company established by Kiwi entrepreneurs and owned by MPIL New Zealand. The aim of the project is to set up the production and marketing of a basic solar powered lighting system for rural households in Bangladesh, and to be able to market it at a price that is affordable for as many as possible. Dimensions will handle the production of the units. The second part of the project is establish a franchise style marketing system that will set up village business units to handle the sales, installation and after sales service of the units. Click here to donate to this project.

img_0226This year (2012) we are working with the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea to set up a Cash Crop Development project. The overall objective of the project is to improve the returns to highland farmers for their cash crops. While the current cash crop is primarily coffee the project also envisages assisting farmers with some level of crop diversification. There is a lot of coffee being grown in the Baiyer region, but they are not getting a decent return on it, compared to what is there in other parts of the country. They don't have facilities for processing the beans locally, which reduces the value of their produce; and they don't have any coordinated marketing strategy, so they are dependent on buyers who come down from Mount Hagen. We are working to set the project up to qualify for Aid Programme funding. We need ‘seed funding' for the set up period to establish the project, and then we will need ongoing matching funds to qualify for the government grants. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Coffee beans being taken to market